New Josh Zerlan scam: BFLS.RIG

New Josh Zerlan scam: BFLS.RIG

…Inaba. We have paid you Bitcoin, not USD. We buy bitcoin earning machines from you, but not a USD debt… We are supposed to have ASIC mining machines to mine bitcoin for us. I am going to write the SEC official…See all stories on this topic

Which Alt Coin you like best

…people assume LTC will be Bitcoin 2.0 which is a great contrarian indicator saying, with high probability, that LTC will NOT be the next Bitcoin and most likely it will be a coin most would never expect…See all stories on this topic

…Speakers list filled with Bitcoin and Ripple

…list shows Bitcoin will be present: Patrick Murck, General Counsel, Bitcoin Foundation Constance Choi … Other speakers that have or had Bitcoin-related significance: Brian Keller-Heikkila, CTO, ZipZap Kristo…See all stories on this topic

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